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Recognition of Reviewers

We wish to recognize and thank the individuals below that reviewed for the American Journal of Health Promotion during the past year for their extraordinary contributions.

Stuart L. Usdan, PhD, CHES

University of Alabama

Sarah Verbiest, DrPh, MSW, MPH


Alexander Vigo, PhD

Towson University


Kisha Virgil, PhD

Todd Wagner, PhD

Stanford University School of Medicine

Jerome F. Walker, EdD

Bellarmine University


Kenneth A. Wallston, PhD

Vanderbuilt University School of Nursing

Guy-Lucien S. Whembolua, PhD

University of Minnesota Medical School

Rachel Widome, PhD, MHS

Minneapolis VA Medical Center


JoEllen Wilbur, PhD

Rush University College of Nursing

Sarah E. Williams, MPH, MD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Mark G. Wilson, HSD

University of Georgia


Meghan Winters, PhD

Simon Fraser University

Janet R. Wojcik, PhD

Winthrop University

Zi Yan, PhD, MPH, Med

Merrimack College


Ming-Chin Yeh, PhD, MEd, MS

CUNY School of Public Health

Garry Young, PhD

George Washington University

Lauren B. Zapata, PhD



Lei Zhang, PhD

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Xinzhi Zhang, MD, PhD, FACE, FRSM

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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