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Introducing WikiWIT - The Wellness Incentive Toolkit

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Paul Terry, PhD

Editor, The Art of Health Promotion
CEO and President, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)


Learn about the Wiki Wellness Incentive Tool (WikiWIT), developed to help employers answer the three most common questions about wellness incentives:

1. How big should the wellness incentive be?

2. What should the health risk cut points be?

3. How should we pay for our incentives?


We developed WikiWIT as a free, open access tool when we realized employers are developing incentive policies without much knowledge of the underlying science. We included "Wiki" in the name because enhancing WikiWIT will be a collaborative  process involving employers, scientists, vendors and other interested parties. The toolkit includes an online forum for users to offer suggestions and share experience.


This webinar was presented by Michael P. O'Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH. Dr. O'Donnell is the Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Health Promotion and the lead developer of WikiWIT.  Also featuring Jim Pshock, CEO and Founder of Bravo.


Learn More about WikiWIT:


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