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The Food Issue

Genre : The Art of Health Promotion


Laura Dimler

Creative Director, Pampered Pumpkin


Richard Scott, MPH, EdD
Director, Office of Grants & Development, Waconia Public Schools-District Office
Kevin Walker, MS, PhD
Michigan State University

Those who have even a modicum of schooling in nutrition understand the health benefits of policies that limit intake of sugar, salt and fat. Nevertheless, thousands of organizations worldwide, many with a mission to protect health, continue to make sickening levels (literally) of sugar, salt and fat the easy choices for student, patients and employees every day. This restraint about limiting access to bad food, when tobacco free buildings and grounds are now common place, bespeaks the fundamental difference between food and tobacco policy making.  


Join our webinar where we discuss these dilemmas with a farmer, a school administrator and an agricultural economist. We will examine the barriers, and opportunities for moving food health policies forward. Unlike the long road that led to policy reforms in tobacco, changing food policy may start with the case for protecting health, but the case for limiting access to bad for you foods will also benefit from a deeper appreciation of how our choices about foods can also be bad for other people, their communities and our planet.

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