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The Wellbeing Issue

Genre : The Art of Health Promotion

The slides for this webinar can be found here.


Hosted by:

Paul E. Terry, PhD

Editor, The Art of Health Promotion

CEO and President, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)



Siyan Baxter, BNRN (Hons), PhD

University Associate, Health Economics

University of Tasmania Menzies, Institute for Medical Research


Suzy Harrington, DNP, RN, MCHES

Executive Director, Community Health and Well-Being

Georgia Institute of Technology


In this webinar featuring Drs. Suzy Harrington and Siyan Baxter, we examine the movement from wellness to wellbeing. The national adoption of the wellbeing concept has been rapid though the term has been elusive per a consensus definition and even more challenging to measure.

Still, it reflects an era of expansiveness, maturation and innovative thinking in health promotion as is exemplified by this month’s article from Oklahoma State University (OSU), who trademarked the moniker “America’s Healthiest Campus®.”


Workplaces remain a researcher’s green field for developing robust, scientifically valid, well-being approaches. Proving the well-being case will not come from studies on programs as much as from tailored approaches sensitive to the unique well-being needs and goals of each organization.


Dr. Harrington will explain the strategy model she developed in collaboration with OSU stakeholders campus-wide that accounted for the dynamic interactions between individual and organizational well-being. But it will not be until we implement the erudite measurement approaches, such as cost benefit analysis, recommended by Dr. Baxter, that we can aspire to achieve consensus on what constitutes an effective approach to positively influencing well-being.


This webinar will explore a truly broader value proposition because we will not do the well-being term justice if it is simply wellness warmed over. If we borrow from the rich well-being traditions of community development and social theory and fortify these with ingredients from positive psychology, brain science and wellness, only then might the well-being term become transformative in the field of health promotion. Please join us with your questions and comments in what is sure to be a thought-provoking and energizing webinar.

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