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The Contrarians Issue

Genre : The Art of Health Promotion

The slides for this webinar can be found here



Paul E. Terry, PhD

Editor, The Art of Health Promotion

CEO and President, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)



Donald B. Ardell, PhD


Stephanie Pronk
Senior Vice President and Health Transformation Team Leader, Aon Hewitt


This month’s issue of The Art of Health Promotion featured my interview with Donald B. Ardell, author of the landmark book that jump-started the wellness movement entitled, “High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease.” Don has, over the following four decades, written a dozen more books expanding upon his original wellness concept and the earlier model he embraced, that of Dr. Halbert L. Dunn's in the 50s and 60s, with changing models, expanded applications and, an entirely new focus on four dimensions for what he now calls REAL wellness - the R-E-A-L being multiple skills and principles that fit under Reason, Exuberance, Athleticism and Liberty. As you know if you read your journal this month, Don has earned his credentials as a “contrarian,” the focus of the edition. He is as popular as he is polarizing, though Don insists I’m very mistaken about this, that in fact he is loved by all.


Well, you can be the judge of that.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss wellness - REAL and otherwise and wellness past, present and future.  I’ve also invited Stephanie Pronk, Senior Vice President and Health Transformation Team Leader at AON Hewitt to present on her current projects and offer additional, possibly quite different perspectives on the state of contemporary wellness and well-being. I hope you will join us for what I believe will be a memorable learning opportunity.

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