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  The Global Issue
Title The Global Issue
Genre The Art of Health Promotion

The slides for this webinar can be found here.


Hosted by:

Paul E. Terry, PhD

Editor, The Art of Health Promotion

CEO and President, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)


Tsitsi B. Masvawure, D.Phil, MSc

Medical Anthropologist/Gender, Sexuality and HIV Researcher/Women's Rights Activist

Wolf Kirsten

Wolf Kirsten, MSc

Co-Founder & Co-Director at Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces & President, International Health Consulting

Many expatriates tend to blend different aspects of their home and host cultures, embracing elements they find positive, but can’t or won’t adapt to those parts that don’t fit their identities. Something similar to the shock experienced by those working abroad may be good for our field. While those working in US-based health promotion have intellectual capital to offer other countries, learnings from other cultures could positively reshape our professional identities.

Paul Terry hosts guests Dr. Tsitsi Masvawure, Visiting Lecturer at the College of the Holy Cross, and independent research consultant, along with Wolf Kirsten, Co-Founder & Co-Director at Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces, and President of International Health Consulting.

During the webinar, we shared perspectives of wellness experts from across the globe. Health promotion professionals in the US have embraced a “culture of health” as a prerequisite to affecting positive individual improvements in health and well-being, and you will see that the power of culture is featured prominently by our guests. We will explore the unintended consequences that occur when well-intentioned expats presume to apply ideas that work in one culture to challenges elsewhere as well as how an increasingly global workforce where both communicable and non-communicable diseases know no borders, means more employers are realizing the business advantages of a healthier workplace.


Tags :     global health  healthy workplaces  well-being  culture 

The Global Issue